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Since 1996, Resume Kings has provided resume writing and career preparation services to job seekers in Southern California. Resume Kings works with individuals to identify target job positions, craft attention-getting resumes, and secure high-paying, enriching employment. Resume Kings offers knowledge of the local entertainment, information technology, and health care sectors--and provides the means to both break in and move up in these highly compensated fields.

Recently, Resume Kings has begun offering other services, from application assistance to test preparation, to students and motivated professionals. Resume Kings has the advantage of a large network of area educators to help with a wide variety of career development needs. Whether it is landing that first gig or advancing to the next level--Resume Kings can help. 

Resume Kings is led by Curt Duffy, BSME, MFA. Curt was formerly Dean of Students at West Coast University and currently teaches English and other communications courses at a variety of institutions including Los Angeles Pierce College. Curt's business experience includes project administration at Paramount Pictures.
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